Keep the End in Mind

At the beginning of every project, it is always exciting.  Richard is enthusiastic of the job that lies ahead and talks endlessly about how this is going to be “our best one yet”.  Our clients are eagerly moving their things from the work zone.  I envision them humming and skipping as they go along!  Why wouldn’t they be?  An astonishing kitchen or bathroom is on its way.  They are mere months away from their dream kitchen or bath.  Not only that but they have all put hours into the design aspect and have the final plans.  All systems go and ready for takeoff!  However, somewhere along the way they forget to keep the end in mind, and out come the parachutes.   Let’s face it, it’s not all roses.  I thought I would take some time to give tips on how to get through your design-build renovation more enjoyably.

Realistically, Things Will Go Wrong

There, I’ve said it.  In spite of hours of agonizing prep work, analyzing  the details, and having a meticulous plan inevitably something will go wrong.  If I’m honest, more than one something will go wrong.  A cabinet door will be marginally out of square.  The hardware may come in a slightly different shade of nickel.  In addition, that light fixture that you absolutely loved may not be quite what you envisioned.  The list could go on.  In fact, the picture chosen for this blog is a great example.  The special order vent hood arrived and was the wrong size for this space!  As you can see, we ordered the right size and it worked out beautifully.  So the good news is that all of these things are just small things that can and will be corrected.  Whatever you do, keep the end in mind and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Expect Delays

As a result of that “small stuff” comes the next tip.  Expect delays.  If you build it, they will come.  That hardware that was the wrong shade will have to be reordered.  You may have to find another light fixture that you love.  The wonky door may have to be reconstructed.   Sometimes, it’s inclement weather or a holiday.  Here in North Carolina, it could just be March Madness!  Things can take time and we know this going into it.  We always finish our projects on or before our projected time frame (knock on wood).   So when delays arise, try to keep your focus on the new blissful abode that awaits you.  This is all part of the process to make your home yours.

Set Your Sights

In the midst of the things that will go wrong and the delays that will arise, there is something to be said about being able to keep your vision focused on what is ahead.  As humans, we naturally move towards what we focus on.  Don’t believe me then ask any driving instructor.  We want this experience to be as enjoyable for you as possible.  So remember to relax, be realistic, and readjust your sights to keep the end in mind.