Waiting for the Dust to Settle

We have started a new kitchen renovation in Cary, NC.  I  love being able to take part in the planning, watch the work begin, and ultimately witness the end of a great project.  Truth be told, in all the years that we have been in business this is the first time I have made it a point to be involved from start to finish.  I know second hand what it’s like on site and hear all of the stories.  However, there’s just something about experiencing it for yourself.  We’ve just finished the demo phase and I have a little advice for anyone about to enter the renovation realm.  It’s going to get messy; really messy.  Luckily, for the most part the dust is contained to the construction zone.  So hold tight, wait for the dust to settle, and remember these tips while anticipating your new space.

Keep the End in Mind.

During the planning phase, there is an excitement to get the project rolling.  The designs are coming together, and selections and orders are well under way.  Then demo begins with lots of banging, beating, and the sound of a compressor and nail gun that only a contractor can love.  For the lucky few who are able to move out during their remodel project, it can still be quite shocking to see the amount of debris and dust.  For others, this becomes their routine for a while.   Either way, remember to keep the end in mind and look often at your new kitchen plans and inspiration pictures….OFTEN.

Seeing What Lies Beneath.

In order to get to the more fine details of the plans, you have to have a clear vision of what lies beneath.  During demo we inevitably find a few surprises.  And of course we have some “huh, that was an interesting way of doing things” finds that were left for us by projects past.  That’s why we reiterate with our clients during the planning phase that we have to be flexible.  We must be able to make any needed changes as the demo lays bare what we have structurally to work with.  These discoveries can mean revisiting the size of planned windows and doors, or  re-configuring cabinet details and adjusting as needed.  However, sometimes it takes brainstorming on how to deal with these unknowns.  Many times Richard stumbles upon a great specialty feature that is completely unique.

Getting a Clean Slate.

Last but not least, when the dust has finally settled we are left with a clean slate.  A blank canvas.   You can begin to envision the location of that one of a kind designer island.  Or perhaps you can finally see just how much wonderful natural light you will have with the added window openings.   What WAS is no longer there. You only have the black and white plans in your hand, a vision in your mind and a new awesome kitchen or bathroom ahead of you.

So no…  renovation is not all sunshine and roses.  In fact, sometimes the process can feel slightly overwhelming.  But take a deep breath (maybe with a mask) and try to relax while waiting for the dust to settle and the renovation to unfold.