The Finishing Touch.

Recently we had the privilege of helping two families create their perfect space to call home.  In fact, I visited one today that is ALL. BUT. FINISHED.  Strike up the band and throw the confetti!  (Insert all the feels emojis!)  The cabinets are stunning, the pendants are fabulous, the hardware is installed and Richard is busy doing the finishing touches; or is he?  He said something while walking through that resonated with me.  “Now all it needs is their special touches to finish it”.  And you know what, he’s right.  After months of hard work and a detailed execution of the plan, the kitchen is complete… but not finished.  These families need to put their family and lifestyle on display on this newly finished back drop before it’s actually finished.

This is where the planning phase pays off.  If done correctly, we create the kitchen with the end in mind.  There was careful consideration of the habits and future plans of the family that call this space home.  They need a place for those large pots, a place for their modest wine collection, or a spot to hang that special family photo.  Thankfully we were able to plan for it.

It’s Your Home.  Make it Yours.

This may be something we say getting people to think through the planning phase.  In fact I’ve written a blog on this phrase alone.  But it is more than that.  It is what is needed in the end to make the designer kitchen feel like home.   You can have the most beautiful kitchen ever, but it can still feel cold and distant.  So go ahead and display your grandma’s cook ware.  Or that piece of pottery that you purchased years ago waiting for the perfect shelf to place it on.  We’re taking down the lock box, signing off, and handing over the keys.  It’s your home (again).  Make it yours.

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