When embarking upon the design phase for your new kitchen or bath, you will see that custom cabinet storage and shelving options have come a long way.  It’s an “everything in it’s place” person’s dream!  Not to mention the character and personality they can add to your space.  I decided to pick Richard’s brain a bit and give more information on some of these options.  Keep in mind that this list is not exclusive and could go on and on, but these are a few of the biggies in today’s design world.

Are You an Open Shelving Kind of Person?

With today’s farmhouse style kitchens all the rave, open shelving is becoming increasingly popular.  I mean, I have several in my own home that I love!  I also have a set that I find constantly cluttered in my 8 year old’s room.   So, the question is, are open shelves practical for you and your lifestyle in the space you have planned.  One thing we’ve learned over the years when designing kitchens and baths is that old habits are unlikely to be broken by updating the space.  During the initial design meeting, we look for current storage and cluttered areas. Often times Richard sees things on the counters when there is ample storage that’s simply not being used.  In this case, he suggests limiting the number of open shelves and using them strictly for aesthetics in smart places.  Pay close attention to how you leave your home when leaving for the day and take note.  Are things haphazardly left around? Do you have an open shelf now, and if so is it desirable to look at?  Do you particularly enjoy having one more shelf that you have to have carefully placed decor?  If not, this may not be your thing.

What About Glass Doors?

Glass doors are stunning and Richard attempts to add them into his projects whenever he can.  But again, they can require a certain level of discipline if you go with the standard clear glass.  Yes, you can buy obscure glass to hide the majority of the stuff, but there are still shadow lines and if cabinets are stuffed to the hilt with gadgets or mismatched cups may need something a little less revealing.  They do add a certain level of class and character that is hard to beat, no doubt.  However, if your habits and personality do not practically support this design, will it be missed in the end when it’s all said and done?  I hardly think it will.  Or, possibly consider adding one or two sets of doors in areas where you will store specialty bowls or seldom used items, etc.?

Smarter Cabinets.

We often get comments from our clients that they need deeper cabinets for storage.  While this is a valid request, there needs to be a consideration of what’s being stored.  Adding random depth without the proper supporting features to cabinets may not be the solution to the problem.  When we design, we look for key appliances and what’s in use the most.  For example,  just how big is that frying pan on the stove that you use several times a day?  Or how many beverage appliances are used daily?  Yes, the natural thought process is that I have lots of stuff, therefore I need bigger and deeper cabinets to stack it on.  Our thought is that you also need smarter cabinets.  Adding a drawer bank vs. a deep fixed cabinet is much more practical and can save costs in the long run.  Slide out drawers come in many shapes and sizes.  You may need to go ahead and bite the bullet and install deep specialty drawers in the locations where you see the greatest functional benefit.

In closing, when planning your unique kitchen or bathroom consider what you have, what you use the most, and which items would be missed in the end.  It’s a horrible feeling to invest time and money into your custom space and regret skimping or thinking through cabinet and shelving selections.  Our mindset is no regrets.  This takes thought, time, and perseverance during the planning phase.  But keeping the end in mind will be well worth the effort.