When crafting the perfect kitchen plan where style and function intertwine, inevitably you run into the issue of which type of cabinets to install.  Cabinets are the focal point of any great kitchen design.  Many clients begin the process knowing what look they prefer but are not familiar with the cabinet terminology.  They are also baffled with the dramatic difference in pricing that comes with these options.  As a public service announcement, I am attempting to explain the differences in cabinet choices.

Think Out of the Box.

The first option, as well as the least expensive, is what is known as box cabinets.  This term is used to describe the cabinets overall appearance and functionality within the line.   Box cabinets are made in standard shapes with simple drawer and door layouts.  They also have limited finish options for stain and paint.  For lack of better words, they are more cookie cutter.  They are a great option for those who have a limited budget and are content with standard size and placement options that come with box cabinets. It is also a good option for those who are need to move quickly on a project and will want the materials readily available for install.

Custom Built.

Another option is custom built cabinetry.  These cabinets are more expensive by quite a bit but offer all of the bells and whistles when it comes to your perfect functional design.  These cabinets are built made to order to fit the exact space that you are remodeling.  Every part of the layout is customizable to your unique preferences, including paint and stain finish.  As far as function, custom cabinets allow you to get the most out of every square inch of your cabinets. Functional extras that you would not be able to get with box cabinets are also available in this option.  Examples of this are custom pantry units, spice racks, pull out trash/recycle bins, roll out drawers, pan slats, etc.  This option, while not as budget friendly, is a great choice for those who want the full custom kitchen feel.

Meet in the Middle.

Last but not least, is the custom/box mix.  This duo is utilized perfectly by Richard, who has an in depth understanding of the box and custom options and can fit them together seamlessly.  The idea is to use box cabinets as the base, and add touches of custom built for character and function.  As expected, this cabinet option pricing falls somewhere in between box and custom cabinets.  It also falls in the middle with regards to adding those special cabinet features that everyone loves.  The mix also allows the majority of the kitchen cabinets to be installed quickly with custom features added as completed.

So as always, consider your habits, determine your budget, and find your style; then contact us for help in determining which cabinet option is best for your new designer kitchen.