This week I’ve noticed a common theme in many areas of my life.  As I’m talking to my family, a steady thread weaves its way into our conversations.  It’s the idea of doing what you love.

Never Work a Day

As my oldest son approaches his senior year, quite often we discuss his future plans.  This conversation is typically started by “So, have you thought about what you want to do?” The typical response is a half hearted yes.  While I’m sure he has, the main thing I want him to consider is what are the things that he already loves doing.  There are hundreds of things he could do to make a living.  What I’m hoping for, however, is that something he loves will spill over into his work life.  Remember that quote regarding doing what you love and never working a day in your life; makes sense to me.

Working to Enjoy Makes Work Joyful

While visiting my parents this past weekend, we spent quite a bit of time on their front porch.  My dad, in particular,  enjoys being able to sit and enjoy the yard when people stop by.  The only problem is that they also have several large labs that notoriously think his hostas are their newest dog bed making the area not as inviting as he’d like.  Immediately we talked of fencing off a section of the front yard that could be just for his gardening and visiting.  After pulling up pictures, we found several that would be a great fit for their home in spite of it being a lot of work.  It is a short, white picket fence that will perfectly set off their farm house entrance.  Right away Daddy was on board.  This will give him what he needs to enjoy his space while doing what he loves.  Even though he is retired, I have a feeling the physical labor won’t feel like work at all.

Just Do What You Love

Then there’s me and Richard; somewhere in the middle.  Transitioning to focusing on kitchens and bathrooms was a big step for us.  We still throw other spaces in every once in a while, but the majority of our time and effort is spent in transforming kitchens and baths.  Why is that?  We could have very well continued building new homes.  Well, it’s because that’s what we love doing most.   That’s where Richard’s passion and creativity most shine, as you can see in this photo.  The design and planning stage is by far where he gets the most joy in his work.  By doing what he enjoys most, he is finding that the business is increasing all the more.  We just had to decide to simply do what we love.

So as graduation season rolls around, one word of advice I have for all of the graduates is to figure out what you love to do, and do the thing you love.