Saturday night we will be revealing our most recent bathroom project and we our on the edge of our seats!  As I near this grand reveal, I wanted to take the time to give some reasons why this is so important to me as the designer.

More than a before and after photo!

For me to say it is just a before and after picture is a huge understatement. When I finally can post photos of my work, it means I am done with a painstaking process.  The majority of this pain, of course, is self inflicted.  How many people do you know will spend more than 10 hours searching for the perfect hardware for a custom builtin.  The agonizing over the design, tearing out elements and starting over to make sure I capture the vision, and in the end the dreaded punch list.  I mean, there is always a nick and scratch every time I turn around;  it drives me crazy!  I put my heart into these projects and I have great expectations when we capture the space in pictures.

Picture quality is a must!

When I design my projects, I first look for natural light, and if it is not there, I create it.  While natural light is great for pictures, it also is wonderful for the enjoyment of the space by my homeowners.  Next, I search for a unique design element or feature to make the project custom and one of a kind.  What first starts out as generally cloudy visions, turns into hours of fine detailing, and an amazing end result! I would not dare risk all this effort with poor picture quality and lose the effect of what was created. Professional pictures are a must and the only way to closely capture the reality of the space.

This is what keeps me ticking!

Yes,  the grand reveal means I can show my canvas, my creativity and vision, and display what the good Lord gifted me to do! It means my customer is finally satisfied and ecstatic with their new space; I don’t post until I know they are. It means I have a referral  and a relationship that will continue with that customer for years to come. This is what keeps pushing me on to the next great project and grand reveal.

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