Do you know what the secret to our success is?  You are probably tempted to think it is being a talented designer or an experienced builder.  If you read our recent blog post then you know that is definitely part of the puzzle.  While that is absolutely what sets us apart from other design-build companies, that is not what makes our final projects stand out.  So here it is….drum roll please….WHAT MAKES US WHO WE ARE….. the individuality and uniqueness of our clients.

No Two Clients are the Same

Each of our clients was formed with a unique personality and has distinct life shaping influences that can never be recreated by anyone else.  How they think is unique.  What they love is unique.  Their family dynamics are unique.  Where they live is unique. What draws them in visually is unique.  And yes, how they cook their meals and choose to unwind at the end of a long day are also unique.  Just as there are no two identical sets of fingerprints, there are no two identical clients.  In addition, no one style can begin to encompass the designs and desires of every person.   For us, that is remarkable news because our client’s individuality allows a greater depth and expression to our creativity.  Therefore, we are able to design a space that is reflective of THAT customer; make it theirs.

How to Determine Your Style

Before doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation, it is an excellent idea to do some digging around to figure out what you really like. While you already have a general idea of what catches your eye, you need to discover your style.  If you have spent two seconds on Google then you know there are many expert articles on home styles.  Reading some of those blogs is a great starting point.  In addition to blogs, visit Houzz, PinterestInstagram or similar sites.  There are thousands of pictures to flip through.  Save some of those pics and take note of why you chose them.  After all that pinning, you will begin to see which style you are drawn to.  You may have bits and pieces of several styles that you like; eclectic so to say.  All the better!  A more unique style for you!

Then Why Do You Need Us

At this point you may be thinking, “well we may need someone to build it, but why do we need a designer.”  Well, knowing what you like or dislike is not the same thing as being able to take the info, process it, and design a space that beautifully incorporates it all into a well done masterpiece.  That is where we come in.  Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is full of tedious decisions and meticulous details that can quickly become overwhelming.  Once again, I would like to encourage you to read this post that goes into greater detail of our design-build process.  Our goal is for our experience in building and passion for inspirational design to come along side you, help you find your style,  and make your home a place that you love.

Remember, it’s your home; make it yours.

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