Most homeowners naturally think that they have to pick between the two.  What if you could have both? When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, people tend to overcompensate based on their current situation. If they feel their existing, perfectly functional kitchen, lacks style then they go primarily for looks .  This sometimes leads a lack of day to day functionality in the new kitchen. On the other hand, homeowners with current non-functioning kitchens or poor layouts, overcompensate with functional features that are excessive.  For example, having too many cabinets.  Unfortunately, this leads to a lack of character and style.   When remodeling your home, we want the space to function well for you, but also give you a peaceful, welcoming feel .

Style & Function Working Together:

This kitchen is a perfect example of functionality and style working together. This client wanted us to pay attention to fine practical details and also give the space a coastal feel. Everyone wants a beautiful home, but we also want it to be useful when lived in and enjoyed. These homeowners were no different.  As a result, we went with stylish, custom cabinetry that were well designed to accommodate their day to day habits. 


This client also requested lots of storage space. However, too many cabinets can make a space feel cramped and closed in thus losing the opportunity to achieve style and character.  Therefore, we added the glass-faced built-in to break up the monotony of cabinet doors while still allowing for much needed storage in one convenient location. We were also able to add cabinets by the refrigerator highlighted by a natural wood wall.  This added material gives organic warmth to a high contrast of white.


The island is the heart of the kitchen. It is the space the kids gather to do their homework or guests come to chat and share a cup of coffee. It is used as a prep space, storage, and extra seating, so a custom built island can be quite a necessity. The options are endless as far as customizing it to each home’s needs, so careful consideration when planning. 



Choose Both:

Which one would you choose?  To answer this question, examine your style and study your own habits.  These habits are not likely to change and instead should be planned for.  Then choose both style and function. Look for opportunities to customize and add style by creatively catering to your own habits. This takes intentional examination of the day to day pattern of your life.  For example, how many receptacles do you use or could use currently?  Do you keep things organized on open shelves?  How much stuff do you have that needs additional storage? What frying pan do you use the most and is it convenient to grab? How do you feel when you reach high or very low? What areas in the house do you avoid such as dark rooms, hallways, inconvenient drawers and cabinets? Will you really use the bath tub? Does the shower need to hold 6 people? Do you need wall space for pictures or not?  This list could go on and on…..and should.  These are all things to consider before you start the first design draft.

To sum it up, watch your hands, watch your feet, and be aware of your emotions. They will tell you what you need to know to design your perfect, custom kitchen and bathroom.

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  1. Braden Bills says:

    I’m remodeling my kitchen, and I’m not sure what to do for the cabinets. It makes sense that I would want to look at the different styles to choose from. I’ll be sure to choose one that matches the style that the rest of my kitchen is going for.

  2. Chance Cook says:

    I agree that kitchens are examples of style and functionality working hand-in-hand. No one wants an ugly kitchen. But you also need it to work properly in order to cook.


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