Whose House Is It Anyway?

Making Your Home Yours

“I don’t know. Whatever you think is best. You’re the professional.”

We, as your remodeling company hear this statement frequently from clients when working on kitchen and bathroom design.  We understand that you may feel overwhelmed with the remodel process, but we are here to guide you in figuring out your personal style, navigate design dilemmas, and make sure you love your home. So, even though your statement is true (we are the professionals), ultimately it’s your home, your money to invest, and the place you will live and make memories. We want to hear your thoughts, your opinions, your dream, your vision, and come alongside you in this adventure.  


Love the Space You’re In:

What do we mean when we say we want you to feel inspired in it? Well, when you walk into your home it should put a smile on your face. As you enter your living room you should feel like you can completely wind down for the day. When you come home from work and it’s time to start dinner, we don’t want you to dread going into your kitchen. You should feel excited to try out a new recipe and have the space, appliances, and easy access to the things you need to accomplish this task easily. We want you to wake up in the morning, walk into your bathroom for your shower, and feel like you have entered into a spa. It should be a relaxing experience. In saying this, we just want you to love the space you are in. 

Discover What You Like:

We are all about the details want you to be involved to give you a completely finished project. How do you accomplish this? Well, dear reader, this is why we have social media like Pinterest and Houzz. (You can check out our accounts by clicking these links: Pinterest and Houzz). These sites are great resources. There are so many pictures of designs and pieces you can incorporate into your own home. Ask yourself what are the consistent features, colors, materials, etc. that you’re drawn to.  These sites not only can help you figure out a design scheme, but also a direction in budget. I know we don’t always love to talk about the money side of things, but it is important! We need to know how much you are willing to spend and what that money needs to go towards. Do you absolutely LOVE that subway tile and feel like it’s a must-have in your kitchen? Ok then, you should probably think about including that in your price-point. Do you feel like you HAVE to have the big island for storage so you can add those adorable floating shelves? Then mention that to your contractor! It’s your home, so make it feel like you!

“Keep the end in mind.” Colossians 3:1

-Clearcut Construction 

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